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Hello! I think it's fair that you know a little about me before you let me get into your world...

I was born and raised in Morelia, Michoacan and more than ten years ago I moved to Cancun. I constantly move from one place to another, whether for work or to hug the ones I love.

Since I was a child I fell in love with art and at an early age an interest in recording social forms and living conditions awoke in me. The passion for photography arose when I had my first analog camera and expanded when I discovered the darkroom at the University.

I am passionate about documenting, whether with a photo camera or a film camera, and I have dedicated my entire adult life to it. Photography has helped me to blur the borders of language and  has allow me to meet wonderful places and people.

I love being in nature, especially  the mountains and the sea. I always enjoy taking a road trip with music in the background. For me, paradise is made of fresh sunrises, cenote dives, and fresh bread and coffee.

Welcome to this little piece of my work… I'm glad you've come here!

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